Is HBOT good for dementia?

Whether you have a loved one suffering with dementia, or just want to take preventative measures for yourself, most people (including doctors) are not even aware of HBOT and how it can help dementia patients. And if hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help with dementia, what benefits or changes might you expect by applying HBOT for those diagnosed with dementia?


**Hyperbaric is not the cure for dementia or Alzheimer’s. Dementia is a very complex disease and requires a multidimensional therapy approach in order to really help these patients move in the right direction. That would include nutritional changes, certain supplements, red light therapy, CWI (cold water immersion) and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to try to really make a dent and improve cognitive performance and neuroplasticity over long periods of time.


When we say dementia, we’re referring to these three categories:
► Vascular Dementia.
► Dementia as a broad umbrella term to describe a category of cognitive/neurodegenerative diseases.
► Alzheimer’s Disease.


Generally speaking, research has been done using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for all three categories of dementia. And anecdotally, we would say that we’ve seen changes and improvements within all three categories. There’s more research being done on vascular dementia than Alzheimer’s. However, that research is growing year after year. From our clinical experience, we would say vascular dementia has the highest chances of changing, especially when we get to it quickly because of how impactful HBOT is in healing our vascular system, healing the endothelial lining and growing new blood vessels.


Watch this video to discuss the details of HBOT and dementia.


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